Our Vision

We believe early adopters will change the world. And early adopters love gaming, esports, entertainment and emerging technologies. We create the most innovative immersive experiences by bringing the physical and digital worlds together for brands to reach (and keep) fanatics of gaming, esports, entertainment and emerging technologies.

The Next Dimension Immersive Experience

We expand our clients’ reach beyond 500 to 5 million+ people. We bring our clients the opportunity and capability to incorporate the physical event with a unique, exclusive digital experience.

Our Ethos

Continually expand our emerging technologies and event capabilities to connect the digital and physical into immersive experiences for our brands and the fans.

Our Story

Amber Allen founded Double A Labs in 2013 to reinvent experiential marketing for brands to reach these communities of fans that are often elusive, skeptical yet high-value audiences - over 4.6 million attendees and counting. In 6 years, the company has generated 2.7 billion impressions, growing to 50 people who embody and influence these communities. Pioneers of experiential technologies, everything AR, VR and mixed reality to Spatial Computing, Tobii Eye Tracking, Holograms to Projection-Mapping, they are known to deliver never-seen-before experiences for brands. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Double A Labs, proudly WBENC certified, also has offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and London, with strategic alliances in Asia and Latin America.

We are Double A Labs

Our leadership team is proud of the 50 dedicated people (and constantly growing) who work for Double A Labs. We have technologists, creatives, designers, spatial designers, producers, storytellers, marketers, analysts, directors, and fabricators, all full-time experts dedicated to delivering our clients’ dreams and desires.

Amber Allen


Our Chief Strategist and Founder Amber Allen is fanatic of emerging technologies and gamer when she is not running the company. Amber envisions how to make the impossible a reality for her clients. She started Double A Labs to build innovative new experiential experiences after spending time at Disney, Warner Bros. and Riot games. It's not unusual to find her toying around with the latest gear or listening to live music on her back patio.

Amy Brady

Head of Marketing and Experiences

Chief architect of experiences like Mr. Mercedes at Comic-Con and legendary co-founder of PMS Clan, the world's largest multi-platform online women organization in the gaming culture. Did we mention TwitchCon is her brainchild? She has over 15 years experience as an Esports strategist and event director. You’ll find her playing Overwatch and World of Warcraft when she’s not reimaging how brands can market to fans like her.

Jeanne Wilson


Jeanne manages the Finance and HR departments, ensuring best practices are followed for the clients’ needs and the company’s bottom line. When it comes to audits, Jeanne is known for striving for perfection. Since she spends a lot of her time sitting with the numbers and reports, she loves to fly high above as a professional flying trapeze artist or run a marathon (far, far away from the office) in her downtime.

Dee Dee McKee

General Counsel

Dee Dee is a legal swiss army knife and manages all legal aspects of Double A Labs, advising on new business initiatives and ongoing company activities. Every day, Dee Dee utilizes her extensive experience as both an attorney and CPA to help the team with contracts and legal compliance. When she’s not watching bad reality tv, hosting parties at her home or running after her toddler twins, you might find her in a new country since she’s been to 25 and counting!

Ahna Boley

Director of Experience Marketing

Ahna is one of the first Double A Labs employees, having started at the company as an event producer. She leads the marketers and producers, who are the masterminds on the ground and in the moment that make brands’ experiences successful. She believes dessert is the greatest stress reliever (it’s stressed spelled backwards) and plays soccer on the weekend to work off said habit.

Jennifer Heitler

Director of Experiential Solutions

Idea junkie and connector, Jennifer loves exploring new technology and dreaming up ways to use it to tell a story that leads to meaningful connections. Her expertise in providing strategic guidance helps Double A Labs’ clients build experiential solutions that solve their business challenges and excite their target audiences. She has 20 years’ experience in all facets of marketing and production for B2B, B2C, Press, and Influencer communities. Jennifer has produced over a dozen award-winning TV shows, including The Roseanne Show and A&E's Biography. Shifting back and forth between strategy and tactics, she is a stickler for details, which in part comes from her seven years managing 20th Century Fox’s Legal Clearances division. She strives to live a daily adventure, as embodied by the time she spent three months meeting somebody new every day for lunch. Her top priority is her daughters, with clients as a close second.

WBENC Certified

Double A Labs is certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the United States’ largest third-party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women. We recognize corporations and government agencies’ supplier diversity commitment, we can add diversity to your vendor portfolio.