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3 Ways to Expand and Extend Global Brand Engagement

1 Phygital World : Digital Interactive Spaces To Expand Your Fan Base

Immerse real world attendees in a virtual replica of your in-person event where anyone across the globe can link up immediately.

Struggling to expand brand engagement beyond the boundaries of a physical activation? Have no fear. Double A Labs is answering the much-needed call for a new way for fans to come together digitally to experience a live event.

Utilizing our proprietary technology, global audiences can now convene in a digital environment as avatars to share a common experience. Within these virtual buildouts, we can integrate Augmented Reality products, influencers and strategic partners, as well as provide additional amplification through media engagement.

Borderlands 3D Rendering
Dell 3D Rendering
  • Design a shared space that can be accessed from anywhere

    • Virtual attendees will click a link on their PC, Smartphone or VR headset platform, and connect with other attendees in a custom branded environment viewable in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, or a web browser.

    • If the event already has a render of the environment, this can become the 3D environment.

  • Develop an interactive experience that engages a virtual audience.

    • Create interactive digital experiences like a scavenger hunt, escape room, etc.

    • Plug in talent from anywhere in the world to interact with their fans.

  • Utilize the digital environment to showcase your product and gather data.

    • Visitors can interact and play with 3D products, and respond to a Call-To-Action to purchase or learn more.

    • Collect meaningful data from virtual attendees.

2 Architecting an Impactful Influencer Campaign

Connect your brands directly to passionate fans utilizing influencer clout, and generate millions of impressions throughout the process.

Influencer support plays a significant role during consumer decision-making. According to Digital Marketing Institute, 49% of surveyed consumers state they depend on influencer recommendations when making purchase decisions.

Double A Labs specializes in the creation, tailoring and optimization of influencer campaigns for brands to promote a specific client goal by leveraging well-known figures who have influence over their target markets to promote and generate content around their brands.

Influencer Campaign
  • Unboxing Videos

    • Influencer(s) receives a custom box tailored to them, and streams an exciting unboxing video to showcase the product.

  • Video Content in a Digital Environment

    • Utilizing our Digital Experience Platform, we can import influencers into the space as a virtual avatar or video content to stream to their fans.

  • Demo or Product Streams

    • Double A Labs can prepare a sneak-peek in-studio event so influencers can play and record in private environments without risk of game code or brand secrets getting released.

  • Live Experiences with Digital Influencer Extension

    • Bring together influencers for a digital product launch to engage with the product or game.

    • Our remote control robot or hologram technology can plug a remote influencer directly into an environment in real time when they’re unable to attend.

3 Reimagining Brand Engagement with Augmented Reality

Boost engagement with the next generation of consumers by immersing them in a digital experience that expands beyond the physical product.

Did you know that 53% of surveyed consumers are interested in using AR in the next three months?

AR uses an existing natural environment and overlays virtual information on top of it to create a new, improved natural world that can have fully interactable 2D and 3D objects imported into the space. Double A Labs is using this technology to enhance the experience around sales enablement, education, product information, health awareness, and training.

  • In Health Care: Simplifying complex information using Augmented Reality

    • A large biotech company struggling to get thousands of their employees up to speed on their drug and patient stories tasked Double A Labs with creating an AR mobile app.

    • From a holographic guide to interactive data visualizations and gamified moments, we were able to tell the story in an engaging, empathetic way.

    • Anyone, regardless of their medical or technical background, could use the app to understand both the complex science behind their products, as well as the impact in improving patients’ lives.

  • In Entertainment: Unite Audiences of Varying Generations Around a Beloved Brand

    • For Warner Bros, we built an app to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Friends. We have all the usual fun capabilities like AR filters, stickers, and trivia, but we also utilized the latest iPhone ARKit3 technology to create an interactive game tied to the Friends brand.

    • The user holding the game device and sees everything in the play field - a grid of Friends objects floating in the real world - and must direct the other player on how to move in the real world in order to cover the designated objects in the AR world and move to the next level!

  • In Education: Bringing New Worlds to Life

    • Double A Labs was tasked with enhancing Liftoff Learning Studios' newest children's book Fly, Fly Again with Augmented Reality to deepen the educational experience and excite young readers.

    • The AR experience tied to the book's artwork brought the story to life in a new and fun way. Our wowed kids with an educational 3D overlay of graphics and videos.

    • This is why we love our work so much. Not only do we get to work with such innovative clients, we get to build tech-forward content that inspires the next generation.

Reimagine brand engagement with Double A Labs.

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