Talent Showcase: Dr. Matthew Price & Marc Evans

Talent Showcase: Dr. Matthew Price & Marc Evans

What do you get when you add a PHD in Neuroscience and a seasoned movie producer to the Double A Labs team? A well oiled, immersive machine.

Dr. Matthew Price

VP, XR & Emerging Technology

Dr. Matthew Price is an accomplished research scientist, technologist and award winning creative with 20+ years experience spanning interactive media, market research and consulting. He is a recognized leader in the field of XR and spatial computing. As former VP of Engineering R&D at Nielsen, Senior Innovation Scientist at BlueCross BlueShield, and Founder of RealityScience, Matt has worked with Fortune 100s like GE, AT&T, Facebook, Coca-Cola, FritoLay, and T-Mobile.

Marc Evans

Chief Operating Officer

Marc Evans is a seasoned executive hailing from the world of entertainment, with experiences spanning from video game development to movie production. After working for Bethesda, Disney, Turner, Warner Bros, and Revolution Studios, Marc co-founded a film production company, Intrepid Pictures, where he developed movies such as Oculus, The Strangers, Gerald’s Game, and Balls of Fury. After leaving movie-making, Marc stayed immersed in the entertainment world, opening his own Alamo Drafthouse branch and doing other consulting jobs before joining Double A Labs.

Q & A

We were able to talk with Matt and Marc and hear a bit more about each of their backgrounds, and what they are looking forward to working on with Double A Labs in the future.

Q: Matt, what excites you most about the future of XR?

Matt: The nerdy scientist in me thinks XR is all about empowerment. People have an opportunity to interact with media in ways they've never done before and it's going to be far more immersive. For instance, you're going to be able to see really cool art in three-dimensional space which is more impactful, since the brain processes information in three-dimensional space.

There's some really cool research coming out of Stanford and UC Santa Barbara about how people can become more culturally sensitive and understanding with regard to gender, race, and cultures, because of the art of XR. It's exciting to be a part of this shift on how we communicate and better understand the world around us.

Q: Marc, given all your past experiences, what is some insight you've gained in regard to optimizing a company's operations?

Marc: I would say optimizing a company comes down to establishing clarity. Clarity of the company's mission, purpose and values. Clarity on the product being created. Clarity in areas of responsibility among employees. And clarity of message to clients or consumers.

Having this in place and in practice frees a company up to empower and grow employees by appreciating their enthusiasm, contributions and skills, then propelling them in the same direction.

If the foundational elements of the company are aligned properly, it can wildly expand its space for creativity, new ideas, and avenues of growth.

Fun Fact

Marc devoted himself to studying Russian and the Soviet Union in hopes of working for the CIA after graduation, but by the time he came of age the Cold War was already cooling down, forcing him to abandon his secret agent dreams.

Q: Marc, which moment of your career are you most proud of?

Marc: I think it would have to be when I founded my film production company, Intrepid Pictures. My partner and I spent nearly a full year working to get the money together for it, but we eventually got our financing, a few projects under our belt, and then BOOM - we were our own full-fledged production company.

It was the first thing I'd ever done just for myself, and it felt so awesome to say "Oh my god, I'm a producer now with my own company and movies I'm gonna make!"

Q: Matt, what was it like to be on the Innovation Team at a Fortune 500 company in the Healthcare Space?

Matt: I think a lot of doctors are super interested in immersive technology and next-gen stuff, but they're also fearful of giving up control. I thought the healthcare industry would be a heavy early adopter of XR technology, which is why I joined the Innovation Team at Blue Cross Blue Shield. The truth is the extensive red tape in that industry with HIPAA and political approvals pushes innovation out a minimum of five to 10 years. While I loved being a part of that team, I was ready to roll up my sleeves and build XR experiences that we could deploy and experience the impact from in the shorter term, and that's what I get to do at Double A Labs.

Fun Fact

Prior to his movie-making career, Marc served as a Video Game Developer for Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls: Arena, the first installment in the now-famous series. This role was his first experience with script writing.

Q: Marc, what about your work excites you?

Marc: Well, I've always been very interested in how creatives collaborate to make something larger than themselves. It’s what drew me to games, and drew me to movies - the idea of all these disparate individuals getting pulled into the same maelstrom, getting swirled around, and then out comes these amazing creations.

Every business has this endemic potential. The key is to harness it to succeed. I was impressed during my early meetings with Amber at how she and her team of strategists, creatives and technologists collaborated with one another to consistently innovate. I slowly came to realize that I could see myself at Double A Labs, helping shape this potential.

Q: Matt, do you have any fun guilty pleasures?

Matt: I'm not sure if you'd call it a guilty pleasure as much as a fun obsession, but I'm an avid collector of Funko Pops. One day my wife bought me a Star Wars Admiral Ackbar toy and I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan. As soon as I found out they were only $4, I fell into their trap and just started collecting all of them. Fortunately, I am not bankrupt from my Funko Pop obsession. After being connected to the company through a former colleague, I did some consulting work for them and was actually gifted toys that now make up a large portion of my collection.

Fun Fact

Out of his 500+ Funko Pop toys, Matt's collector items include:

  • Glow-in-the-dark Darth Vader (only 500 made)
  • A Boba Fett Pop autographed by the movie's actor
  • One of the original 200 Freddy Funko employee exclusive toys
  • Tony Hawk's own custom Pop he had his wife pawn off on Ebay

Q: Marc, what do you see as the biggest opportunity in scaling Double A Labs?

Marc: In the short time I’ve been at Double A Labs, I’ve been inspired by the incredible mix of minds that bring different perspectives to the table. By continuing to attract talent like Matt with his Neuroscience-backed experience and others with diverse skill sets, we will continue to innovate with our experiences and proprietary technologies. The growth possibility is exponential, because everybody is currently reimagining their industries, and we’re positioned to help them.

Q: Matt, what excites you most about your future working with Double A Labs?

Matt: We all know that XR is going to be big, and we're already seeing it pick up steam because of the current situation of our world. Double A Labs has been moving toward this emerging technology for years now, and I'm excited for us to take the next step and continue building our platform to make XR accessible for the everyday person.

For any new tech to become truly ubiquitous where everyone wants to use it, the creation has to be able to move away from expert developers and into the hands of the average person. Just as someone can post on social media, and be an active creator, we want users to eventually be just as engaged with building on our immersive platform. I'm excited to work with the rest of the tech team at Double A Labs to build out this platform so we can make this future vision a reality.

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