Friends 25 App Out Now!

Friends 25 App Out Now!

In many ways the show Friends changed television forever, Augmented Reality is changing how people engage with their favorite brands forever, too. Smart phones and hardware with AR capabilities are becoming more accessible and there are a myriad of possibilities for brands to bring impactful experiences to their fans.

Warner Bros. came to Double A Labs to build the first official Friends app as part of the #Friends25 celebration. To create an immersive fan first experience, we knew we wanted to incorporate the latest technology available along with the nostalgic characters and elements from the show. By using 3D AR filters, we were able to help fans relive and recreate some of their favorite moments from the show.

Double A Labs team using 3D Augmented Reality filters from Friends 25 mobile app

Tech-Powered Nostalgia in "Friends 25"

Working closely with Warner Bros., the Double A Labs team had a blast bringing the Friends universe to life.

The 3D photo booth leverages facial recognition to instantly add umbrellas in the photo. Having the actual Friends’ couch at our office enhanced the testing experience. And of course, there’s Ichiban lipstick that overlays Joey’s favorite blue lipstick on your lips. We added audio so fans could be integrated into the actual commercial moment.

For Cooking with Friends, we added iconic recipe moments like the Moist Maker and Phoebe’s famous Toulouse chocolate chip cookies. The recipe section integrates a how-to video as a part of the fun.

For the fans who love to challenge themselves or crave exclusive content, they can dive into Friends Trivia which includes short audio clips that announce if the answer is correct or not. Using location-based AR, fans can unlock exclusive content in Find Content, by exploring their city and finding surprises from AT&T, Lego, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and more.

Joey’s bedtime pal, Hugsy the penguin got in on the action too.

Collage of screenshots taken from the Friends 25 mobile app

Check out the app now, post your favorite photo booth image and tag #Friends25. Show everyone “How you doin”.

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