Austin’s growing community of women gamers bring diversity to the local gaming and esports community

Austin’s growing community of women gamers bring diversity to the local gaming and esports community

The gaming industry is exploding, generating more than $100 billion globally. Combined revenues from gaming and software and hardware are estimated to be at $149 billion, on par with the sports industry, according to the WalletHub study.  About 45 percent of gamers worldwide are women.

Over 50% of the Gen Y and Gen Z population are gamers, this community of gamers is significant. Gaming and esports are rapidly changing how we interact with each other and in the world by redefining how people are entertained, career paths for professional players, cultural expectations are formed and how friendships are formed.

According to Newzoo, “there are more than one billion female game enthusiasts in the world. While some outsiders may still be surprised by the popularity of gaming among girls and women, many others have embraced it. Over the past decade, gaming has evolved into all-round entertainment that includes viewing, playing, as well as enjoying the latest innovations in hardware. This has given way to more diversity in how individuals, male and female, enjoy games.”

Austin’s growing prominence in the gaming scene

According to WalletHub, Austin, Texas was placed in the top ten as the best city for gamers. The website created a cumulative score that combined values in Gaming Environment, Internet Quality & Coverage, and Gamer & Developer Opportunities. This total score was used to rank 100 cities across the United States. Austin ranked 9th scoring highly in all but Internet Quality. The results of the report can be found here.

Swipe right to find your tribe

Bumble recently added a ‘gaming’ badge that Bumble BFF users can easily showcase on their profiles to help people who love gaming to connect and play with each other. Gamers on Bumble BFF can now filter their matches to easily find other gamers to connect within their communities.

Bumble teamed with Gen.G, the esports organization to form “Team Bumble” which features the world’s first all-women group of professional Fortnite players. The players are Kristen "KittyPlays" Valnicek, Madison "maddiesuun" Mann, Tina "TINARAES" Perez, Carlee "Carlee" Gress and Hannah "Hannah" Reyes.

Building healthy open-minded social spaces

Double A Labs recently partnered with Bumble and Gen.G to build and celebrate inclusivity in gaming with the first Team Bumble BFF Meet and Greet in Austin. By bridging the digital with the physical, the intent was to create an immersive experience to help gaming fans find friends with the Austin community. What better location to host this than Austin’s newest gaming bar, Valhalla which is the brainchild of Hans Goss. By creating opportunities for building healthy and open-minded social space for everyone to game and amplify these players are strong influencers for redefining the perceptions of gaming communities.

Fans spent time with the players and watched Kristen "KittyPlays" Michaela play games with some lucky fans live from Valhalla.

Team Bumble taking a picture with their fans at Valhalla Esports Lounge

Left: The event connected the Gen.G all-women team, Team Bumble, sponsored by Bumble, with local Austin fans to promote and support Austin’s strong community of women gamers. Team Bumble players listed from left to right: Tina "TINARAES" Perez, Madison "maddiesuun" Mann, Kristen "KittyPlays" Valnicek, Carlee "Carlee" Gress.

Right: Fans spent time with the players and watched them play games with some lucky fans live from Valhalla.

This event is an important part of creating fun spaces for women to attend gaming functions. Where they can be a part of a community where they feel like they are a part of something big and that they belong in gaming.

“This is a great example of the positive role models we need in the gaming and esports communities, said Amber Allen, CEO of Double A Labs. It’s important to Double A Labs to support and raise the profile of all talented players because it helps us all feel comfortable and confident that we are part of a community that supports us as a gamer.”

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