Activating XR in Austin

Activating XR in Austin

We've been told we do cool stuff, work with amazing brands, and play with exciting games and gadgets. So...we thought that it was high time we shared the fun.

To celebrate the reopening of our renovated Austin office, we produced an immersive experiential showcase featuring some of our latest projects and technology. Guests enjoyed a myriad of experiences, including our Friends Central Perk setup with the AR umbrella photo booth, multiple hologram and volumetric capture projects, Ximmerse Augmented Reality glasses, Bose AR sunglasses, a Mr. Mercedes VR Escape Room, and a Dell-themed video animation booth. While attendees immersed themselves in technology and created shareable content along the way, they also connected with each other over delicious sips and bites, and the sweet tunes from Austin’s own, Bo Davis & The Dreamers, staying true to being the Live Music Capital of the World.

Moving Into the Next Dimension

The mobile AR station showcased samples of our work in the augmented reality holograms space with intricate, dynamic 3D model of an eyeball that demonstrated how various diseases can affect the organ, life-like full-body renders of people using volumetric capture and our latest project for Liftoff Learning, where a children’s book with 2D artwork morphed into a 3D pop up experience.

Mobile AR Station


XIMMERSE'D Rhino X Headset

Ximmerse’s newest headset, the Rhino X, has a slew of interesting features like an expanded field of view, cord-free operation, and built-in technology to facilitate multiplayer experiences in AR. The demo showed a human cardiovascular system where users could examine organs in 360°. This was achieved by the Rhino X assigning objects a set place in 3D space. There are so many applications for this exciting product!

Want to relive this immersive evening? Yeah, we thought so.

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Mr. Mercedes and the VR Escape Room

Are you ready to catch a killer? We had our guests put on the HTC Vive and enter the world of Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes. In this VR escape room, players are tasked with piecing together clues to escape from the killer’s mind lair. We built this award-winning experience which premiered at San Diego Comic Con in 2018 and this is still available to download worldwide via the Viveport store.

VR Headset Escape Room

Honey, I Shrunk the Guests

Shrunk Guests Green Screen Effect

Attendees were able to step in front of our onsite green screen and see themselves shrunk down to ant size. With a slew of larger than life props, guests had a great time recording their own videos they could share later.

Double A Labs Garage with AR Triggers

Believe in Your Heart

Even our garage doors were not spared as they become a life size canvas to showcase our cool Double A Labs app. Bradford Maxfield a multidimensional conceptual Austin based artist transformed our offices with his vibrant colors. He also created a beautiful mural outside embedded with AR Triggers.

Bose AR Glasses with Augmented Sound

Playing with Augmented Sound

Augmented reality is not only confined to visuals. These cool Bose AR glasses use proprietary software to allow sound to come from locations around the user. The surround sound which can use GPS locations to give volumetric levels based on distance discreetly comes out from the glasses without the need for headphones.

Friends 25 AR App with Couch

What's A Party Without F•R•I•E•N•D•S?

The Friends 25 AR app was paired with one of the original, iconic couches that we got straight from the set. There were fun Friends-related videos, AR filters, goofy stickers and pictures throughout the night.

Double A Labs Team

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